It takes a special person to give…

Children have their own basic needs and in low income families, many of these needs go unmet. Many children have little support to fall back on when brought into this world. Some are more fortunate than others, but for those families who struggle to keep the basic necessities supplied; provides a service that “stands in the gap” for struggling families.

Making A Difference In Our Communities

Blankets4kids supplies blankets, hats, scarves, and stuffed animals to struggling families.

These blankets supply warmth and comfort; and they also look great!  Our community donations are high quality. Some of the donated blankets, scarves, hats and yarn are made up of micro fiber, polyester, cotton and velvet nylon.  This makes the blankets both durable and washable. Due to the flexibility of the blankets, they can be used for sleeping, cuddling or even traveling. They are provided in various colors.

Will You Help?

Mission of Blankets 4 Kids: Every Child Deserves Comfort,
Warmth and Security

There are low income families who are struggling for the bare essentials: Food, Clothing and Shelter. The circumstances causing this family dilemma may be varied, i.e., loss of job, foreclosure, illness, addiction, but the results remain fairly constant: there are children who desperately need for our assistance.

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