Will You Help?

Mission of Blankets 4 Kids: Every Child Deserves Comfort, Warmth and Security

There are low income families who are struggling for the bare essentials: Food, Clothing and Shelter. The circumstances causing this family dilemma may be varied, i.e., loss of job, foreclosure, illness, addiction, but the results remain fairly constant: there are children who desperately need for our assistance. There are so many families suffering in Yavapai County! Unemployment in some places like Black Canyon City and Ashfork is so high that too often families are slipping into homelessness.

This organization donates thousands of these blankets, wrapped up in a roll with a scarf and hat inside, teddy bear’s head sticking merrily out the top. What joy this brings to youngsters! No child in America should be cold. All children need a stuffed animal to snuggle and comfort them! We are on a mission to make sure that every child that has a need to warmth and comfort will receive it.

Drop off comfort items

Blankets 4 Kids works closely with various children’s agencies, distributing these “Comfort Items” to them so that may provide them to the children in need. We also hold Blanket-Thons at Christmastime where families who pick up their food basket from the Yavapai Food Bank can also receive these blankets and bears directly.

We Operate Solely From Donations By You

Drop-Box locations

Prescott Drop-Box location
  • Walmart – Gail Gardner, Rear Parking Lot

  • Walmart – Hwy 69, Parking Lot

  • Fiber-Creek (Inside) – 1046 Willw Creek Rd Prescott AZ 86301

  • Prescott Senior Center – Inside Bldg (small bin)

  • Blankets 4 Kids 1130 Fawn Ln – Rear Building

  • Costco – Hwy, 69 North Parking Area

  • Fry’s – Willow Creek Parking Lot

  • True Value – Miller Valley Rd. Parking Lot

  • Safeway – White Spar Rear Building

  • Goodwill Prescott & PV – 1st set of each month see courier for details

Prescott Valley Drop-Box location
  • Papa John’s – Parking Lot Area
  • Safeway – Hwy 69, Parking Lot

  • Ace Hardware – Hwy 69, Parking Lot

  • Goodwill – Mobile donation 1st Saturday of  fall/winter months see courier for details

Chino Valley Drop-Box location
  • St. Catherine Catholic Church – Parking Lot

The Blankets4Kids Warehouse

The blankets are rolled and each one is stuffed with a “Hat, Scarf and a Stuffed Animal”. They are placed on the racks depending on their size and gender. The adult blankets and comforters are sorted by their sizes, i.e. Twin, Queen & King Size. Every item that leaves the warehouse is either a new item or one that has been cleaned if used!

The organization has funding needs, in order to carry out its mission the major areas that are identified are in the following categories:

  • Acquisition of Items
  • Assembly and Packaging of Items
  • Distribution of Items to Agencies and Direct to Children/Families.